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Print Design

Unlike with embroidery, printed items require camera-ready, colour separated artwork before proceeding.  We can work with films or digital files (see Artwork link for more details).

If this is not available, we can produce artwork for you

Screen Production

Once the artwork procedure has been completed and customer go-ahead received, we can then proceed to produce screens which are required for the print procedure.  One screen is required for each colour.

When the screens are ready, all information is passed to the printer where the garment awaits printing.


On arrival at the print section, the garments are rechecked to ensure accuracy and quality.

The garments are then ready to be screen printed.

They are then dried and  prepared for despatch.  A polybagging service is generally supplied as standard.  Where this is not included, please enquire.  Further finishing techniques, eg special labelling, are available on request.



Where print costs are indicated, these include for one colour, one position on the garment or bag.

If you require the same design on the front and back of the item, then the second print will be additional, please enquire.  If the design is the same, the second print will be cheaper.

If you require multicoloured printing, then there will be a charge for each additional colour, again, please enquire.

Basic artwork costs are included in our prices.  We reserve the right to make a small contributory charge if complete drawing or redrawing of your logo is required.

All printing films, screen, and setup costs are included in our prices.

Print Column 1 & Print Column 2 Pricing

Please check your colour combination with us, if you are unsure which category applies.

You will notice that our print prices are sometimes listed in 2 columns.  This applies when a product is available in both light and dark colours.

Print column 1 covers dark print colours on light coloured garments.  Example: black print on white garment, dark grey print on light grey, navy print on sky blue.

Print column 2 covers a 'flashcure' which is needed when printing light coloured inks on a dark base garment.  This ensures an accurate colour match and vastly improves the quality of the reproduction. 

Example: white print on black garment, yellow print on royal, sky blue print on red

Almost all items in Kids-Biz 's product range can be decorated with your logo or emblem.  Some garments, like fleeces or jackets, are more suited to embroidery but others, like bags and nylon products are best printed. 

Before we start to customise your product, we need a copy of your design or logo.  The quality of the design we receive determines the quality of the finished product, so you should give careful consideration to what you send us.  See the Artwork link for more information.

To find out more about printing and embroidery and what can be achieved, please follow the links above.

Where we have printed or embroidered your design before, you may be entitled to a price reduction - see Valued Customer Reductions

Where a garment can be either printed or embroidered, you will notice that there is a price quoted in the price grid for plain, print and embroidery.

Print prices include printing in one colour in one position only.  We can however print in up to 9 colours, so if you have a multicoloured logo, just ask us to quote.   Set up prices are included in the prices given.

Embroidered prices include up to 6 colours but your design needs to be within 5,000 stitches to ensure there is no surcharge.  Your artwork and tape costs are also covered.

Whichever product you choose, you can rely on us to achieve the best results.

........read on to find out more the embroidery process