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How do you obtain a quotation?

1. Find the most suitable product:

  • We have two online catalogues for you to explore (see links to the right) but even these are not all we can offer you!
  • Use our wealth of product knowledge and experience to suggest suitable garments
  • If you would like us to match an existing garment or colour or style, send us a sample (label information can often suffice)
  • Sometimes a product just has to be made specially for you.  If this is the case, send us details or ideally a sample.

2. Provide details of your logo

  • Email us a copy of your logo or the text you require.  We can also visit your website, or you can send us a copy of your headed notepaper
  • If you would like us to match an existing print or embroidery exactly, send us an example and we will match it.
  • For printed items it is sufficient for us to know the number of colours and positions you require.

Click here to see our product slideshows

3.  Give an indication of quantity

  • It helps us provide you with the best possible price if we know your approximate quantity.  Also, whether this is an ongoing product or a one-off purchase. 
  • (Set up costs are normally quite high but with regular orders, these can be absorbed by the company.)

4. Consider a scheme

  • If required, we can stock your products and offer them online to your customers, employees or distributors - if relevant, do ask for further information.
  • We currently supply many schemes to schools and organisations providing school services.

Once we know your requirements, we can provide you with a fixed quotation on how to contact us