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It is not yet possible to order our wholesale products online, however, please feel free to email or phone us with your order.




The quantities referred to in our price tables can be made up of several garments, provided the print or embroidery design remains exactly the same.  All the garments must be either printed or embroidered.

For example, you may select the 100 rate for all these garments, if you order:

  • 40 embroidered polos
  • 20 embroidered sweatshirts
  • 20 embroidered cardigans
  • 15 embroidered kids fleeces
  •  5 embroidered adults fleeces

This is great news for our small schools and nurseries.  By ordering only 15 polos, 10 sweatshirts and 10 fleeces for the kids and 5 each for the teachers, you can benefit from our fantastic 50 rate prices.  Or you can choose your own combination.

And if you repeat any order or even use the same design again, you may make even further savings - see Valued Customer Reductions.

The prices quoted in this website are based on quantities of  50-250 pcs (25 on some more expensive items).  However, we are happy to supply quantities outside of these limits, so do use the Kids-Biz Enquiry Form to request a quote.  Our pricing reduces considerably on quantities of 500 pcs and over, so it is definitely worth looking at our great rates.


If you are a regular customer to Kids-Biz, provided your printed or embroidered design remains the same, we will reward you by these fantastic savings .

Deduct the following:-




 25 48p 96p 80p
50 24p 48p 40p
100 12p 24p 20p
250 5p 10p 8p

To qualify, you must have ordered from us within 6 months and the print or embroidery should be identical in size to your previous order.  In most cases, you may select a different garment or even change the colour of your design.


We appreciate that you may need to see a sample of a garment before deciding to purchase.  We will be happy to supply this on a 30 day approval.  Sample invoices will be invoiced and then credited if returned in perfect condition.  Carriage will be charged.

Please send your sample orders through our enquiry form or just send us an email, if you prefer.


Your order can be made up of any size combination - please see price tables for details of the available sizes for each garment.  To check this info against our size charts (each brand differs), please follow this link or simply click on the word "sizing" in each price table.

  • Multicolour printing (in more than one colour) is charged extra, so please ask us for a quote.

  • Artwork for complex images  will incur an additional charge, as this involves the conversion of photographic images and multicolour separations.

  • Print prices for one colour, one position are included in our prices where indicated in the "Print" column.   Print column 1 covers dark print colours on light coloured garments.  Print column 2 covers a 'flashcure' (double hit) which is usually required when printing light coloured inks on a dark base garment.  This vastly improves the appearance and is at the decision of our printer.  You will be advised if a flashcure is required for your design

  • Designs over 5,000 stitches will incur an additional charge.  We will always give you a final stitch count & quotation prior to production.

  • Your design may include up to 6 colours at no extra charge provided the designs remains within 5,000 stitches.  We will advise you of any surcharge on sight of your design

  • Provided your order is within our minimum quanties indicated in this website, carriage is included to the UK.  For orders under this amount, we will use the most cost-effective carriage method for you.  You will always be advised of any delivery charge before proceeding.

  • Prices in this website are exclusive of VAT.  VAT is only chargeable on adult  sizes which are indicated by an asterix (*).  See VAT section below for more details.

  • Orders from organisations other than schools will be on proforma payment for the first order.  For future orders, provided acceptable trade references are received, a credit account will be set up.

  • Basic artwork costs are included.  We reserve the right to make a small contributory charge if complete drawing or redrawing of your logo is required.

  • All origination and setup costs (printing screens, jacquard tapes for embroidery, films etc) are included.  For new tie designs, an origination charge will be made

  • Polybagging - most printed or embroidered items will be supplied individually bagged.  There are however a few exceptions, so please check with us if this is important to you.

  • Carriage for all orders is included to the UK, provided orders are within our minimum quantities.

  • Registered schools will automatically receive a 30 day credit account, so you do not need to send any payment with your order. 


If you are dissatisfied with any products we supply, please, in the first instance, let us have details of your complaint by phone or email.  We will then issue you with a Returns Note to return the goods to us free of charge.  You will be provided with either a replacement garment or a credit.