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How to obtain a quotation?

1. Find the most suitable product:

  • We have two online catalogues for you to explore (see links to the right) but even these are not all we can offer you!
  • Use our wealth of product knowledge and experience to suggest suitable garments
  • If you would like us to match an existing garment or colour or style, send us a sample (label information can often suffice)
  • Sometimes a product just has to be made specially for you.  If this is the case, send us details or ideally a sample.

2. Provide details of your logo

  • Email us a copy of your school logo or the text you require.  We can also visit your website, or you can send us a copy of your school headed notepaper
  • If you would like us to match an existing print or embroidery exactly, send us an example and we will match it.
  • For printed items it is sufficient for us to know the number of colours and positions you require.

Click here to see our product slideshows

(max of 10 products for a quick review)

3.  Give an indication of quantity

  • It helps us provide you with the best possible price if we know your approximate quantity.  Also, whether this is an ongoing product or a one-off purchase.  (Set up costs are normally quite high but with regular orders, these can be absorbed by the company.)
  • If quantities are an unknown factor, the numbers at school can be helpful, and whether the new item will be offered to all pupils on a compulsory basis or not.

4. Choose your scheme

  • Tell us how you would like us to supply your uniform - straight to the school, or via one of our schemes.  Learn more .....
  • If you are unsure whether or not you require a scheme, we can provide alternatives so you can make your choice when you know all the costs involved.

Once we know your requirements, we can provide you with a fixed quotation

......read on how to contact us