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How our internet schemes work

  • Wholesale Deliveries: just need the product, delivered to school in bulk?  No problem, 50% of our school customers work with us in this way.
  • Stock Holding: you may prefer us to hold some stock, to help with extended delivery times or minimum quantity issues. 
  • Internet Schemes: from just one product, Kids-Biz can set up a weblink for parents at your school to buy from us directly.  Read on...
  • Local Schemes : we take all the strain!  List all your items on our site and will support you by providing agents to make free deliveries, attend school events and generally handle your uniform at a local level*.  Read on..
  • Your school has total control over product selection.
  • We charge wholesale price plus a small admin fee to cover credit card and handling costs.
  • Your products are listed on our website free of charge.  School can even have its own uniform page with related information and products and links from school website.
  • You control our selling price.  We refund any school commission to you on a regular basis.
  • If desired, Kids-Biz will produce leaflets to promote the website at school.
  • Parents purchase the uniform directly from our site using a variety of payment methods.
  • Kids-Biz makes the delivery according to school wishes.  Options are: to school on an individual basis, to school on a bulk basis, posted to home - or a combination of all three, as required

Kids-Biz recognises that every school is unique.  This is why our service is totally designed to fit around you.


Benefits for your school when you choose one of our internet schemes

  • wide range of quality products approved by school
  • purchases can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year
  • choice of payment options including credit card
  • flexible delivery arrangements to suit school
  • reduces school admin time and need for storage
  • can supplement school funds if required
  • can operate alongside existing uniform arrangements
  • local sponsorship schemes welcome and actively encouraged


See our Schemes in operation

Whichever way suits you best.  You choose!

* may not be available in every area                                                     ......interested to take this further?  to the next step