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Your Logo Design

When choosing which design to decorate your garments, there are several considerations you need to make.

First of all consider whether your design will be reproduced as embroidery, print or both.

Our embroidery prices allow for an embroidered design in up to 6 colours with a stitch count of no more than 5,000 stitches (see stitch count chart to see if your design is likely to be over).  Larger designs may therefore incur a small additional charge.

The maximum size of any embroidery is 30cms by 30". The minimum height for lettering is 6mm although in some cases we can go as low as 3mm.

For printed items, the cost is not normally affected by the size of the design but the number of colours is relevant.  Our prices include printing in one colour although we can, if required, print in up to 9 colours.  There is quite a substantial surcharge for extra colour printing, so do consider if this is necessary.

Embroidery Library

If you do not have a suitable logo and are considering embroidering your garments only,  you may like to consider one of our standard designs.  A range of themed embroidered logos are available from our embroidery library. 

These cater for most sports, themes and hobbies and are available from around 25/30 per design including lettering additions. Please request further details.


Once you have settled on your basic design, this needs to be reproduced as artwork.  The higher the artwork quality, the better the finished result, so great care is taken in this respect.

For multicolour print designs, a separate design for each colour is required. 

Customer-Produced Artwork

We can accept artwork either as a drawing, films or in digital format. 

When providing digital logos for consideration the preferred format is EPS illustrator, JPEG or Tiff.  It is helpful to always mail a hard copy of your design. A clear image, which can be magnified without distortion, is required to create the embroidery. Naming the font of a particular lettering style, if known, is also recommended.

Kids-Biz Design Studio

Where no existing artwork is available, KidsBiz can produce this for you.  Just send us what you have available and we will work accordingly. 

The finished design will then be sent to you via e-mail or post with all colours clearly stated for approval.  Once approval is received, we will commence production.

Where complete redrawing of a complex logo is required, there may be a cost consideration.  You will, however, be advised of this before proceeding.

Whichever product you choose, you can rely on us to achieve the best results. on to find out more about the printing process