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Why Embroidery?

Embroidery provides a very professional appearance.  It has a great level of durability, will wash or dry clean well and maintain appearance in colour and outline, often for longer than the wearing life of the garment.

New software developments have enabled a wide range of stitch patterns to be used in creating an embroidery and the effects are stunning.

Intricate designs, such as heraldic crests, as well as clear cut simple logos will all embroider well.


Once your design is ready, it is digitised using state of the art software, employing several stitch techniques.

From this, a fact sheet is prepared giving full details ie. stitch count, colours and size confirmation.  A final embroidery sample is then produced onto the correct material. A sample is sent on a confirmation card for you to approve production.


Once confirmed, designs are transferred to production control. The job sheets are created with all details relevant to the customer order.   Once embroidered, each garment is quality checked and steamed before despatch.

A polybagging service is not supplied as standard.  The additional charge per garment would be 15p.

Embroidery Facts

The maximum size of any embroidery is 30cms by 30". The minimum height for lettering is 6 mm.

When choosing the garment to be embroidered, a minimum fabric weight of 180gms is preferred.

It is important to remember that the embroidery threads used are manufactured in solid colours, therefore the effect of colour fade or blend in a design can be difficult to replicate faithfully.

The positioning of embroidery onto garments (or bags) is largely a matter of choice, providing that the item can be correctly framed. Sleeves, back, or nape of neck are alternative sites for embroidery. Pockets should be avoided, unless the garment has been especially made.

Embroidery Machines

for further enquiries, phone 01276 300120 or email us on sales@kids-biz.co.uk